Sunday, February 5, 2017

Science Eye provides useful VOCABULARY about Space Science and valuable lessons about BUILDING TEAMS


Rocket Science with Science Eye

We learned vocabulary words

We learned procedures for safety (stand back!  Look where the wind is blowing from and walk into the wind).

We learned TEAMWORK

We learned that YA ATE  (yah  ah TAY) means "hello" when we say it when we first see someone and "See you again" when we leave the room.

AAXLU means "sea wolf" and he adopted his name so that he can respect the orcas.  

Part 3

As a science teacher, I heartily endorse the use of SCIENCE EYE for their WEATHER PROGRAM and the ROCKET PROGRAM

Steve McCrea, science teacher  learn words in an ANCIENT LANGUAGE

Axh = my
lu = nose


In addition to looking at the rocket videos, you are invited to look at ANIMALS ARE US

If you think you are a world citizen, then how many members are in the world that you live in? If you said "About ten billion," then you are a Peopleist. You believe that people are the only form of citizen that need protection ... what about animals? If you say that there are trillions of fellow citizens, then you agree that ANIMALS ARE US

If you search "science eye" on YOUTUBE, you will find a FASCINATING video about Eye Cells
  With an English accent.  It sounds official and smart.
It must be a useful video... the narrator has a British accent.

You can find this page by going to

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