Monday, February 6, 2017

How am I doing?" You can find out with these links to interesting questions

These links connect you with some of the best questions about science, English and math....

When I was 15 years old, I asked to go to high school for three years at a boarding school.  It was a bit like Harry Potter

old buildings
classes with professors who have interesting stories
houses for competition
expeditions on weekends
classmates and schoolmates who become friends for life because we have shared an unusual experience away from the comforts of home.
Earned rewards
Temporary Hardships
A thought for the day     see the Meditations book that I compiled
dangerous locations (which we could navigate safely)
some students got hurt because they didn't follow the rules

I looked at a letter that I sent home: "I like how I can know how I'm doing.  The teachers are ready to tell me."

Today, the power of "knowing how I'm doing" is also in the hands of partents and students.  Click on these links and see questions.  If you can pass half of these questions by the end of February, you are doing okay.  If you know the answers to 3 out of 4 questions by April, you will score well in the Stanford Achievement Test.

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