Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fifteen ways to review what we talked about in class

The teacher is a broadcaster.

The class is a radio or TV station.

The students are reporters who also broadcast information.

When we broadcast, we are presenting information.

When we present information, we organize what we will talk about first, then second, and what we will skip.

When we present information, we are reviewing and making the memory of the facts STRONGER.

The following procedures are ways that you can choose to use.

Fill in the worksheet in class.   One of the easiest ways to learn what will be on the weekly quiz is to look at and complete the worksheet.   That worksheet is where many of the quiz questions will be developed.

Don't listen to the videos that Mr. Steve makes.   If he posts a video, then something in the video might make it into the quiz.  However, you can find the information on the REVIEW sheet that will be given in class on Wedsnesday.

Find a video that explains the new information that you are learning.

Make a video.  Draw a diagram to explain an important point (such as "Who are the neighbros of sodium?").  Point your smartphone at a diagram.  Use your hand to point at parts of the diagram and give a complete sentence about

Take home the worksheet.  Look at the worksheet again.   Show the worksheet to an adult.  Ask the adult to read the worksheet to you.  When we hear information, sometimes we learn it and store that information better.

Ask an adult to explain the information on the worksheet.

Create a poster with the new information.

Create a blogpost about the new information.

Use a QUIZLET to review the new information.

There are more ways to learn new material.

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